Friday, June 21, 2013

Candy Crush Saga: Elaboration

Just like the last post I swear I thought I'd never write a mobile game review.  This is not a review of Candy Crush Saga, it's just the information I wish I'd had when I started playing the game.  And as of right now, I may very well never play again. I hope this information helps you.

Here's your fair warning.  Do not play this game if you have addiction issues.  At every turn there are more invitations to pay just a tiny bit to get through the current level.  But as my wife discovered, if you don't understand how the boost works, you may waste that feature.

I, like so many others, got stuck on level 33.  I was stuck there for days, primarily because I will not pay for boosts or "like the game" / "join on" Facebook as I did not want to inform all my friends that I was too playing the world's most popular mini game.

Here are my notes for things to be aware of about Candy Crush Saga.

  • Striped candies are directional.  If the stripes are vertical, it will take out a column when crushed.  If the stripes are horizontal, it will take out a row when crushed. 
  • Striped candies are created directionally, depending on the orientation of the line upon creation. If the line was vertical the striped candy will be vertical
  • Special candies react on drops.  If you create a special candy and drop it on another, it will be the same as if you'd activated them. You may have seen this happen during the sugar crush.
  • Take time to plan your strategy, look above at what candies will fall when you wipe out the ones below.  
  • Working from the "bottom up" or the "top down" are both good strategies and can work on any level.  
  • King wants you to buy stuff.  This game is the Freemium model, sure it's free to play, but you can always pay. And yes they are attempting an IPO in the near future.
  • You can't advance unless you pay or wait or participate.  As I noted above, I will not pay and I don't want to participate, so I have to wait to play.  But honestly, some people need to put this game down for a few hours.
I hope this helps.  Some of the sites that have cropped up lately do not seem to have any more information than what King will tell you on their site.  Also, ...

Take a Break and do something else...